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Shattered Illusions...

Broken Images

Shattered Illusions
2 June 1983
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*I am 25 years old and see no point in altering my language. Don't like it? Don't read me. Do not make comments about how cursing makes me seem less intelligent or I will simply delete you from my list. If you're not adult enough to accept the fact that sometimes I use vulgar words, no one is forcing you to be here. Take your ass off my list.

*Racial slurs WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! My husband is mexican. My in-laws are mexican. My daughter is half mexican. If you cannot accept this, then don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you. It's a shame that this even has to be mentioned here, but, I have had problems with it in the past and will definately tell you where you can stick your supposed "good intentions" if you bother to even make stupid comments.

*This is still my personal journal. If you don't like my entries or what I say, then don't read it. This is a free country. No one is forcing you to be on my friends list. I don't see any reason why I should have to alter my thought pattern for someone who cannot accept me for who and what I am. Again, if you don't like it, don't add me. Leave.

*I do believe in God. I don't refer to God often, but when I do, I would thank you not to question my beliefs. I'm not what would be considered a "bible thumping christian" and I don't mind or preach to people who do not believe in God. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. However, I will get ugly if I make some vague reference to God in a post and someone who doesn't believe in him comes and makes a smart assed comment about God not existing. I don't force my beliefs on you, DO NOT try to force yours on me.

*I have no interest in anything political. I don't follow the newspapers. I don't follow the media. I have no idea what the war in Iraq is all about and I don't care about oil or anything else like that. If I make references to the war, it's because I do support our troops. They are following the orders of the president and in my opinion that doesn't make them the bad guy. Do not come here and try to get into a political debate with me or tell me why I'm wrong. I HAVE NO INTEREST IN POLITICS!
*I'm a firm believer in tolerance. You don't have to like everyone, but you should respect who they are and what beliefs they have. If you believe that it's gross for a man to be with a man, but it's cool for two women to be together, do not bother me. If you have a problem with racial discrimination, do not bother me. If you believe a woman is not as important as a man, do not bother me. If you believe that everyone should believe in God because you do, do not bother me.

With these thoughts in mind, if you can deal with everything that was just typed, welcome to my journal. If not, then, It's probably best that we don't friend each other for the simple reason that you would annoy me to no end and I'm tired of dealing with drama on here. Thank you and have a nice day.


This is a list of communities that I make for or own. Go check them out. I'm a moderator/maker/owner at each one.

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sinful_graphics - Maker

These are graphics that were made either for me by others, or by me for myself. Please do not take these. Alot of time and effort went into them from myself and from the people who made them for me. If you would like something like them, please join one of the communities above. Hover your mouse over the images for credit.